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Be Organised & Prepared

Ensure you have multiple copies of your CV with you, in addition to certificates, references and any other supporting documentation you feel might be relevant. Remember, a big part of the Assessment Day is the 1-2-1 interview, where you are pulled away from the group individually and interviewed by someone. Having everything organised can leave a lasting impression.

Concentrate & Focus

Don’t make the mistake of getting in to too many conversations with other candidates when you should be focussed on the tasks set for you. Its easy to become distracted and lose focus. You need to properly concentrate on the tasks at hand and ensure you are playing a part in the team outcome.

Be Polite & Gracious

It’s really important to be polite and gracious throughout the day. If someone gives you something, for example a pen, an information leaflet, say thank you. In addition, at the end of the day before leaving, take the time to thank the facilitators and support staff for the opportunity. These things are so simple, but leave a lasting and positive impression of you as a candidate and a person.