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Involve Others

In group exercises or team task, if you notice that some of the quieter members of the group are being overshadowed by more confident candidates, ensure you involve them in the discussion/exercise by directly asking them their thoughts. Remember, listening is an important skill and just because someone is quiet, it doesn’t mean they don’t have great ideas.

Be Confident

Ensure that you are confident in giving your opinion in group tasks. Assessment day exercises are often subjective in nature, often with no right or wrong answer. Be bold and don’t worry about sharing your thoughts.

Mingle and Network with others

Its really important to mix with others and be friendly on the day. As the example format of the day in an earlier lesson demonstrates, we are often sharing lunch with the employers, support and hiring staff. Taking the time to properly introduce yourself to them and asking them questions about their role can often go a long way in letting them know how keen you are.