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An Assessment Day is your time to shine. Therefore, it’s important that you understand how to behave and avoid making some of the mistakes unsuccessful candidates often make.

Listed below are some tips on the do’s and don’t:

Don’t Dominate the Conversation

The employer and support staff don’t want domineering “know-it-alls” working for them. Too many candidates make the mistake of trying too hard to get their point across in team-tasks, as they feel this is the best way of standing out, often taking over the conversation and not allowing others to speak. Even if you think you are the most confident and knowledgeable candidate in the room, it’s still important to let others have their view. Afterall, you might learn something new.

Be Assertive but Avoid Conflict

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to be assertive to get your point across, but you should never enter conflict with another member of the group. Some group exercises are designed to create a divide in opinion. You should always be diplomatic and communicate your point of view professionally. It’s important to remember, you are being observed.