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Useful Resource: Refer to the ”Interview Skills” e-learning course for additional study content on this.

It’s extremely important to remember that although an Assessment Day is different in format, it is still an Interview. Therefore, the same preparation and behaviour rules apply.

Before you attend the day, you will ordinarily be sent our information on the format, what you should bring with you, and in some cases, the exercises you will undertaking. Ensure that you use all of the information that has been sent to you to prepare properly.

Other candidates

Some candidates find it hard to know how to act with the other candidates. Although the others are your direct competition for the job, you will still need to work together to achieve your goals. Its important to remember, Assessment Days are typically chosen due to multiple vacancies being available. Therefore the other people in the room could end up being your colleagues in the future.

You should treat the other candidates with respect and courtesy.