Stage 5 – Our offer to you

Phew so you’ve made it this far! Congratulations! When you get an offer, we’ll need to see your references and proof of your qualifications and that you can work in the UK. You’ll also need to gain medical clearance. These are standard requirements for working at United Utilities.

Q. How can I prove my eligibility to work in the UK?

A. The documents we can accept to establish your right to work are set out by the Home Office. There are two lists of acceptable documents – List A and List B. List A and List B documents are published here (PDF 242 KB opens in new window).

It’s important that you bring proof of address along with you we can’t accept photocopies of documents. Here is a list of documents we accept as proof of address (PDF 226 KB opens in a new window).

You must bring an original document, or combination of documents, specified in one of the lists to prove your eligibility to work in the UK.