How Does Conflict Originate?

how does conflict originate?

In some ways conflict management is just another form of problem solving. And the key to solving any problem, is establishing exactly how it originated.

Before you answer the title question above, respond to this scenario: Imagine you were paid to purposely annoy someone. It could be a partner, friend, family member or work colleague. What would be the quickest and easiest ways? Once you ve answered, check out our five suggestions below.

  • Ask them a question and then keep interrupting whilst they give their answer.
  • Ask to meet up or talk on the phone at a specific time, and then purposely arrive 10 minutes late.
  • When they ask you to do something and they’re in a hurry, tell you you’re really busy but you’ll definitely do it in 5 minutes.
  • Give an opinion which you know is the direct opposite to something they feel very passionately about.
  • Make them a promise which you know there’s no chance you can possibly deliver on.